Different Rite Aid, still new makeup

So from my previous post, I had gone to a Rite Aid near my school in Monterey Park. Today, I went to a Rite Aid in Montebello and noticed a few more new makeup products.

From right to left & top row to bottom row; Revlon had this new Ultra Hydrating Kiss Balm that came in different flavors like; coconut, peach, apple, strawberry, cherry, and raspberry. I am considering buying the apple or the cherry sometime soon. Wet n Wild had this really cool product called MegaLast Liquid Cat suit Matte Lipstick.

L’Oréal Paris had this Infallible Pro Gloss lip gloss. Covergirl had colorlicious lip gloss. L’Oréal Paris also had this Infallible Paints, liquid eyeliner. Lastly, L’Oréal Paris had this Infallible Shadow Paints.

Have you seen this yet in your Rite Aid store(s)?



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