New Trader’s Joe store

There’s this new Trader’s Joe store in (East) Pasadena. The address is 3035 E. Huntington Dr.  Pasadena, CA 91107. This store is near a Starbucks, a boba place, and a fast food restaurant. I took some pictures inside the place and some of the items that seemed very intriguing. Next to the Trader’s Joe is supposed to be a CVS pharmacy coming soon, I think.


The Trader’s Joe was generally packed. People were coming and going. I took my time scouring the aisles. I had come to the store with my mom. She did some shopping while I took in the new store.

The best items that I know of are in the freezer aisle. There are shelves of candy, and cookies that are above the freezer aisle. Besides that, I get to see some really awesome food products in the freezer aisle; they have raspberry tarts, pumpkin tarts, chocolate pecan pie, several varieties of pizza, mochi ice cream, pastry pops, turnovers, vegetables, and mac & cheese bites.

Above in the collage I made and consisting of the pictures I took with my phone; some of the items are of the bakery treats on a table towards the back of the store, I found ghost pepper potato and sriracha chips (lattice cut) in the chip aisle, a photo of the various types of cereals, cookies, and a photo of a bottle of syrup and Morello cherries.

I was so tempted to buy the ghost pepper potato chips but I ended up buying a container of chocolate chip mini cookies. I don’t go out shopping to Trader’s Joe so this was an opportunity for me.

Check out this location, it’s pretty awesome!


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