Hello Kitty Café truck

I am really late about posting this. The event happened about 2 weeks ago. 2/11/17

Has anyone heard of the Hello Kitty Pop up Café in Irvine?

From last month to this month, Hello Kitty Café has been doing (what I think) as a promotional tour. Since going to Irvine is too far and the fact that I don’t drive yet and still currently take the bus to go wherever I need to go, this was the next best thing.

I had missed my chance to buy something from the truck a month ago when the event was held outside of the Westfield Santa Anita mall in Arcadia. This time, it was held outside of the Glendale Galleria sign across the way from Americana Way mall.

Thankfully, when I arrived the truck was not crowded at all! I assumed since plenty of people love Hello Kitty, it would be packed with people. However, it was not and I was able to purchase the Hello Kitty 3pc cookie set $12, the Hello Kitty 3pc donut set $10, and Hello Kitty Bow water $3, totaling out to be $25. I received a free small Hello Kitty pink bag. I was so happy and so glad I made it out to Glendale to this event. Several families were there and buying some of the merchandise they had on hand like T-shirts and mugs. The van was really pretty and I took several pictures. Plus, the treats tasted really delicious. The donuts had little frosting bows. The cookies were everything I had imagined they’d look like. The water bottle was pretty cute.

All in all, it was the perfect experience and totally awesome to get the chance to taste some of the confections of Hello Kitty Café. The café location in Irvine has more food selection, more variety than the trucks have and I have heard they sell coffee and lemonade via their Yelp page and according to other people’s reviews. I do hope I get that chance to go to Irvine soon.



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