Fugetsu-do confectionary

Located in Little Tokyo is a family owned mochi confectionary store called Fugetsu-do.

Of all my many years of going to Little Tokyo, I have not gone into this mochi shop before. Then again, I haven’t had the chance to try mochi at all yet. In the store window, they said they were selling sakura mochi. It felt like my friends and I were in a Japanese manga and we were going to get that chance to try sakura mochi. Sakura mochi is a Japanese dessert that is pink, just like the sakura (cherry blossom flowers) and is made of sweet glutinous rice and filled with a sweet red bean paste. It is wrapped in a pickled sakura leaf which is edible. Inside the store, the mochi was available in white and red bean. My friends opted for white bean. I passed on this opportunity to try it but the next time, I think I’ll try it.

The photos I took of the sakura mochi is top row and bottom row labelled below.

Also, I took some pictures of the other types of mochi they had in store, I’m not well versed in Japanese so I don’t really know most of the flavors they had. Not pictured, I saw in the display cases they were selling rice crackers and candies.

The address is 315 E 1st Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012. Check it out!



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