Tea Master -Matcha Café & Green Tea Shop

Tea Master -Matcha Café & Green Tea shop in Little Tokyo is an awesome place I just found out about through the good reviews my friends informed me of. It’s located in the small strip mall inside of Honda Plaza.

Inside Tea Master, the place is filled with tea related products like tea cups, tea pots, different types of packaged tea, tea bowls and whisk sets, chopsticks, and the thin wooden stick used to put the tea inside the pot. On the menu, they sell green tea and cold green tea for $2.50. Also, they sell matcha green tea (hot/cold) $4 and a matcha latte for $4.50. They even have a smoothie of the day; flavors varying from amazake, mochi mugi, and matcha.


My friends asked and bought the matcha ice cream for $3.75. The ice cream has matcha poured on top of it. Below is the collage I made; the shots are all different. The 1st shot was taken with my camera. The 2nd shot was taken with my phone. I had my friend remove her jacket from the background to get a clear shot and focus more on the ice cream. The last shot was taken by my friend. We thought of an awesome idea to take a picture of the Tea Master’s card with the ice cream to promote it to our friends and others who may not know of this place.

The address to Tea Master is 450 E 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.




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