National Pancake Day by IHOP

Last Tuesday, IHOP had their annual “National Pancake Day” where you come in, sit down and order a free stack of buttermilk pancakes, and by the time when it is time to pay (one stack of pancakes are free*) but in return, you give a donation to one of the charities box at that location.

For me, this was my first time going to IHOP to celebrate National Pancake Day. I went with my friends after a club meeting. Eating a stack of buttermilk pancakes with my friends was the best. We were seated by the windows. Between both my friends and I, we have not had the chance to come to IHOP that often. The place was very busy and I could recognize that most of the crowd inside was college students. The IHOP I went to is not that far from my junior college campus.

Below is the collage I made of my experience.

The first and second row -top and bottom pictures- are of the menus. To the right of the ‘made fresh for you’ menu picture is the sign I saw of the national pancake day, the following pictures is of my stack of pancakes. The second row next to the ‘sugar, spice, & everything nice!’  is my friend’s free stack; she topped hers with boysenberry syrup, strawberry jam, and ice cream. Going onto the right of that picture, I ordered more food because I didn’t get to eat lunch. I ordered the Cinnamon Roll French toast which is on the second’s row first picture menu. The French toast came looking exactly like the depiction on the menu. I got to buy the special with a combo of my choice so I got the basic one. It had hash browns, scrambled eggs, and 2 sausage links. It came out to be $6.99 for which I paid for when my friends and I had finished eating. The other two pictures I had taken were of the other special drink they were offering; French Toast Hot Chocolate. I even snapped a picture of the variety of different flavors of pancakes they had on the menu.

I donated a little bit of my money and my friends and I left full and satisfied with the breakfast food. I’d like to donate again next year and come back with more friends to celebrate National Pancake Day with them.

Collage 2017-03-12 01_52_18.jpg


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