Wal-Green’s cosmetics

There is this Wal-Green’s store not far from my house. I tend to go into this store when I need to buy snacks or maybe a soda. They also have a bigger beauty aisle than most.

Here, they had some of the Yes to Face facial wipes. I’ve heard good things about this brand. Unfortunately, most of their products are expensive. I haven’t had the chance to buy one yet, including the detoxifying charcoal wipes yet. In Wal-Green’s, they even had the hydrate & restore, and the age refresh towelettes. Rimmel London had this hashtag Insta Flawless protecting skin tint. Vaseline had this lip therapy with different flavors like; rose and crème Brulee. There was this product called Mega Cushion which has a soft matte lip cream only found at Wal-Greens. Milani had these cool retouch + erase light-lifting concealer and an amore matte metallic lip crème.

They have much more products like Wet n Wild, Almay, Revlon and much more. I didn’t have the chance to take more pictures as I would have but I do enjoy coming to this store because they have so much variety. The prices vary by product. Although I do hope to buy some of the travel on the go products soon for my next big adventure when that arrives.

Collage 2017-03-30 23_43_20.jpg



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