Olive Garden food, again!

A few weeks ago, I had the best time at Olive Garden location in Montebello, CA. My mom and I were able to get the deal(s) where you buy a lunch item and you get unlimited breadsticks and soup. I ordered the breadstick sandwich that had spicy chicken as the meat, and French fries. I ate two bowls of chicken gnocchi soup. I did in fact eat more than five breadsticks in one sitting.

The sandwich and fries was pretty awesome. I know it was a big thing when Olive Garden announced its debut. My mom ordered the buy 1, get one free pasta deal. She ordered salad, and got the three cheese ziti pasta.

My mom’s birthday was in March so we subtly told the staff and they brought over a small dessert with cheesecake topping and strawberry filling on the bottom. Her ziti dish was good as well. The dessert I didn’t care for since it was for her.

All in all, another great experience at Olive Garden. We took our leftovers home.

Also a side note, they are building a Lucille’s BBQ next door to the Olive Garden, not too sure when it’ll be done.

Collage 2017-04-12 17_12_19


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