Lush Fresh Homemade Cosmetics

Have you heard of the company Lush before?

I went to a store location in the Glendale Galleria. It is a pretty store. I managed to take plenty of photos inside. I’ve heard they are known for their bath bombs. They had them on display near the windows and on some of the shelves. There were different sections for skincare, makeup testers, treatments and conditions, get hands on, and hair products.

Collage 2017-05-02 23_34_52

I saw the display of makeup products and it was amazing! Many of their products were smaller than I assumed but I did like the impact they had. They may be small in size but they had beautiful colors. I’d have to look up their products on their website before I would decide to try them out myself. I have heard their bath bombs are colorful and are pretty cool to use. Have you been to a LUSH store? Here is the website; LUSH .

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Trying to start a new business?

As for me, I’ve had this blog in my life for about 2 years coming this August. Since I am still venturing the world as a amateur blogger, trying to be a better writer and hoping to be a published author in the future years, and a junior college student who needs to move on to further my education. I’m also somebody who should be learning to drive; which should probably happen later this fall.

I started to think back to when I started school and became a part of the college life. I have grown to be tired of hearing everyone around me asking when I’ll get a job and start earning money.

I am in the beginning process of starting a company/brand with two friends from school, our medium will be photography and our story will be represented by the three of us. We are still working on the name, making a blog to be the base of our website for now, the sizes and prices we can sell our prints, etc.

I’m hoping with the summer months coming up, we can do an arts & craft fair, at least one. I want this to start off as my hobby turned new job venture and then hopefully, it will become something I can make it successful.

This summer, we will be trying to do small photo shoots with various cameras, printing the good results out and selling them to family & friends.

Here’s to new adventures!