Di Pilla’s

Last Saturday, I went with my family to a favorite Italian restaurant called Di Pilla’s. On Friday’s and Saturday’s, they serve clam chowder that is the best. It tastes great with the bread they serve. My mother orders spaghetti with mushrooms. My brother orders the same dish minus the mushrooms and more meat sauce. We also ordered a medium pizza with a sausage topping.

Italian music was playing on the speakers. We were seated in a booth. When we went, it was not hustling and bustling. We got there early. The best part of the evening was that we were celebrating a birthday and we got the staff singing happy birthday and free spumoni.

Overall experience, a 10! There was constant stops by the staff so that was cool. I love their clam chowder and their pizza. It was a great dinner.

Here is their website; Di Pilla’s .

Collage 2017-06-29 01_47_01


Remaking a Buzzfeed recipe

I sort of remember about 2 years back I made a recipe from Buzzfeed. It’s like having breakfast and lunch at the same time. You have an egg in the middle and grilled cheese together. This time was different because I made the egg in the middle scrambled.

The ingredients needed is one egg, two pieces of bread, butter, and cheese. First, you make your grilled cheese your way and take it out of the pan. Cut out a circle out of the grilled cheese and put it back onto the pan. Break an egg in the hole and let it cook. I used a chopstick to mix the egg to make it scrambled. When the other side is cooked, flip it over using a spatula. Flip it over as much as you need it to be cooked. Make sure to cut it down the middle.

Below is my work. I think it looks pretty good! To look for the Buzzfeed try; here’s the link; The Best Breakfast Sandwich Is Actually A Grilled Cheese.

Here’s the other link back to when I tried to make this recipe the first time; tried a new recipe !!

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Hello Kitty cookies

I bought this box of Betty Crocker at least more than 6 months ago, never opened it or used it. Finally, the other day I opened the box and took out ingredients and made the cookie batch. Sometimes, I don’t understand directions. I get confused by teaspoon and tablespoon. The batch was dry and not mixing well. I added more vegetable oil and water to it and it became very sticky. That’s how I knew it was ready.

I made 16 cookies. Oh did I forget? It came with edible stickers. I put them on before they went into the oven. They cooked beautifully. They tasted like strawberries. I’m not too sure if I would buy this again. Have you seen this in markets?

Collage 2017-06-29 01_36_44

Creating a photography blog

Guess what? I made a new blog on WordPress with my friends.

The blog will be photography based with a mix of our life, food, scenery, and the places we will go. We will be posting about tutorials about the cameras we own, how to use them and on and on. We will be doing plenty of photo shoots this summer.

I hope to print our work and sell it to friends, building up our clients and to do well as a photographer. I also know of a ton of places that we can venture to and do different types of working the angles, lighting and making great photographs.

Here is the link; LA Snapshots Photography  There will be new posts there as soon as we do photo shoots!

Don’t worry, I will be still working on my blog; tribeccarandomthoughts. It’s still my main priority but I do want to make sure both blogs excel!

A visit inside Milk Jar Cookies

From the previous post, I had gone inside a super cute café which has a tea party inspired décor. Their main sell is cookies. They also have ice cream as a menu item. They serve coffee and hot tea, hot cocoa, quart bottles of milk and lemonade. Below are two collages I made. The first post is of the many flavors of cookies they had in store. Plus, they make them fresh there, their back part of the store was like a mini bakery. The fun thing I liked was that we were sitting next to the merchandise. They had hats and shirts there, with their logo on it.

Collage 2017-06-12 21_20_56.jpg

Each display case with cookies had a little tag telling customers what they were looking at. On the first row on top was cinnamon sugar, mint chocolate and oatmeal chocolate chip. The lower row has rocky road, gluten free chocolate chip, and gluten free lemon sugar. The right hand side has oatmeal raisin, banana spilt, and lemon blueberry.

Collage 2017-06-12 21_07_50

In the top left corner of this collage, it was my order with my friend. Our order was a banana spilt and mint chocolate. The banana spilt ingredient’s are complete with banana dough, butterscotch, chocolate, walnuts, and topped with fresh strawberries. The mint chocolate ingredient’s are Andes mints wrapped in chocolate dough. The iced mocha was a bit watered down with the included ice but my friend like the drink more than I did.

The feature image was taken by me using my phone. The image is a picture of a picture. I took a picture with my phone of my camera on the table of our dessert. They had old tables and chair inside, like a dessert bar going back to the past. It was one of the prettiest café I have been to. Have you been here before? It’s in Los Angeles. It’s address is 5466 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90036. Their website is: Milk Jar Cookies website


Milk Jar Cookies

Next to one of my favorite soon to be gone fandom stores, there was a desserts place I found. That place’s name is Milk Jar Cookies. Their website is; Milk Jar Cookies .

Collage 2017-05-27 22_17_12

The exterior was really pretty. The interior was welcoming and very nice. Outside there is a standing chalkboard that tells you of their specials. Once you go inside, you look up to see the menu and prices for cookies and ice cream. Also as soon as you enter, there is a refrigerator that has beverages like milk, tea and lemonade. They also serve coffee.  They have tables and chairs if you choose to order and enjoy it there.

Collage 2017-05-27 22_18_35

The cookies are on full display. Some of the flavors I saw and made a collage above these words are; peanut butter, gluten free chocolate chip, white chocolate raspberry, chocolate pecan caramel, and mint chocolate. There are more flavors there but customers present near the display and cashier probably wouldn’t have wanted to move out of my way. But, I’m going to be near this place tomorrow so I can add more pictures to this post.