A walk in Little Tokyo leads me to…

It leads me to go inside Bae, a cafe across from the Rilakkuma/ JapanLA pop up shop. I had never gone inside before. It has a really cool interior and merchandise inside. I took two pictures of the sayings on the walls; "I love a you a latte" and "With love, from bae". I did … Continue reading A walk in Little Tokyo leads me to…


Pusheen goes to Roscoe’s Famous Deli

Last week, I went to Roscoe's Famous Deli with my family. When you are seated, you can ask for a bag of peanuts. My parents like eating that before they get their lunch. In the lower right of the collage, you can see Pusheen with a peanut on her head and a tall glass of … Continue reading Pusheen goes to Roscoe’s Famous Deli

Pusheen goes to a park

The other day, my mini Pusheen had the chance to go to a park for the first time! I usually take her with me to restaurants and sometimes the market. She enjoyed the sunshine and there was this arch that had a beautiful view. She visited a park near the Temple City Library.