Pusheen goes to a park

The other day, my mini Pusheen had the chance to go to a park for the first time! I usually take her with me to restaurants and sometimes the market. She enjoyed the sunshine and there was this arch that had a beautiful view. She visited a park near the Temple City Library.


Pusheen makes s’mores

I made a collage yesterday when I was having an urge to eat some s'mores. Baker Pusheen helped out by posing for a few pictures during prep. In the collage, there were two different methods used to melt the marshmallows. First, I used a microwave for less than 30 seconds and the result was that … Continue reading Pusheen makes s’mores

Finals are coming!

I haven't been able to post much as of late because of school. I've been focusing so much on French 001, beginner's French. It's my only class this semester and I've been managing to doing okay but not great. My final is coming on June 4th. Got to study! 📖📚