A few days already in Ireland!

Yay! July 25th, 2017 is the day I board a plane at LAX to go on a long flights to Ireland!

The day has finally come. I’m so nervous and ecstatic. I will be gone on a school trip that takes me from Los Angeles to Ireland. I know from itinerary and from looking on the college study tour site, from LAX to JFK airport. From there, it is JFK to Dublin. I’ve heard it’s to be a long flight. I can’t wait for jet lag. I suppose it’ll be my first adventure outside the USA.

Will updated you all more with Ireland when I have wifi. Ttyl



Di Pilla’s

Last Saturday, I went with my family to a favorite Italian restaurant called Di Pilla’s. On Friday’s and Saturday’s, they serve clam chowder that is the best. It tastes great with the bread they serve. My mother orders spaghetti with mushrooms. My brother orders the same dish minus the mushrooms and more meat sauce. We also ordered a medium pizza with a sausage topping.

Italian music was playing on the speakers. We were seated in a booth. When we went, it was not hustling and bustling. We got there early. The best part of the evening was that we were celebrating a birthday and we got the staff singing happy birthday and free spumoni.

Overall experience, a 10! There was constant stops by the staff so that was cool. I love their clam chowder and their pizza. It was a great dinner.

Here is their website; Di Pilla’s .

Collage 2017-06-29 01_47_01

Creating a photography blog

Guess what? I made a new blog on WordPress with my friends.

The blog will be photography based with a mix of our life, food, scenery, and the places we will go. We will be posting about tutorials about the cameras we own, how to use them and on and on. We will be doing plenty of photo shoots this summer.

I hope to print our work and sell it to friends, building up our clients and to do well as a photographer. I also know of a ton of places that we can venture to and do different types of working the angles, lighting and making great photographs.

Here is the link; LA Snapshots Photography  There will be new posts there as soon as we do photo shoots!

Don’t worry, I will be still working on my blog; tribeccarandomthoughts. It’s still my main priority but I do want to make sure both blogs excel!

Milk Jar Cookies

Next to one of my favorite soon to be gone fandom stores, there was a desserts place I found. That place’s name is Milk Jar Cookies. Their website is; Milk Jar Cookies .

Collage 2017-05-27 22_17_12

The exterior was really pretty. The interior was welcoming and very nice. Outside there is a standing chalkboard that tells you of their specials. Once you go inside, you look up to see the menu and prices for cookies and ice cream. Also as soon as you enter, there is a refrigerator that has beverages like milk, tea and lemonade. They also serve coffee.  They have tables and chairs if you choose to order and enjoy it there.

Collage 2017-05-27 22_18_35

The cookies are on full display. Some of the flavors I saw and made a collage above these words are; peanut butter, gluten free chocolate chip, white chocolate raspberry, chocolate pecan caramel, and mint chocolate. There are more flavors there but customers present near the display and cashier probably wouldn’t have wanted to move out of my way. But, I’m going to be near this place tomorrow so I can add more pictures to this post.

Trying to start a new business?

As for me, I’ve had this blog in my life for about 2 years coming this August. Since I am still venturing the world as a amateur blogger, trying to be a better writer and hoping to be a published author in the future years, and a junior college student who needs to move on to further my education. I’m also somebody who should be learning to drive; which should probably happen later this fall.

I started to think back to when I started school and became a part of the college life. I have grown to be tired of hearing everyone around me asking when I’ll get a job and start earning money.

I am in the beginning process of starting a company/brand with two friends from school, our medium will be photography and our story will be represented by the three of us. We are still working on the name, making a blog to be the base of our website for now, the sizes and prices we can sell our prints, etc.

I’m hoping with the summer months coming up, we can do an arts & craft fair, at least one. I want this to start off as my hobby turned new job venture and then hopefully, it will become something I can make it successful.

This summer, we will be trying to do small photo shoots with various cameras, printing the good results out and selling them to family & friends.

Here’s to new adventures!

Great news! I am going to Ireland this summer!

It’s finally okay for me to talk about this. I am going to Ireland this late July for a study abroad course. I’m very happy to be able to go. There have been various reasons for me not posting because school’s been keeping me busy. I’m been involved in 3 student clubs and I’m preparing for events there at school. The trip has been paid for already, I am so nervous! I have not traveled to Ireland before or to Europe.

I’m sure I will have plenty of fun with my classmates and friends. I can’t wait to explore the cuisine, the culture there, the adventures that await me. There are a couple of old collages that I had made over spring break. I do hope everyone might like them. Mostly they are beauty and some are foodie adventures but it was all local places I ventured.

I hope from Ireland I can come back with plenty of photographs. I do want to publish a photobook someday.

National Pancake Day by IHOP

Last Tuesday, IHOP had their annual “National Pancake Day” where you come in, sit down and order a free stack of buttermilk pancakes, and by the time when it is time to pay (one stack of pancakes are free*) but in return, you give a donation to one of the charities box at that location.

For me, this was my first time going to IHOP to celebrate National Pancake Day. I went with my friends after a club meeting. Eating a stack of buttermilk pancakes with my friends was the best. We were seated by the windows. Between both my friends and I, we have not had the chance to come to IHOP that often. The place was very busy and I could recognize that most of the crowd inside was college students. The IHOP I went to is not that far from my junior college campus.

Below is the collage I made of my experience.

The first and second row -top and bottom pictures- are of the menus. To the right of the ‘made fresh for you’ menu picture is the sign I saw of the national pancake day, the following pictures is of my stack of pancakes. The second row next to the ‘sugar, spice, & everything nice!’  is my friend’s free stack; she topped hers with boysenberry syrup, strawberry jam, and ice cream. Going onto the right of that picture, I ordered more food because I didn’t get to eat lunch. I ordered the Cinnamon Roll French toast which is on the second’s row first picture menu. The French toast came looking exactly like the depiction on the menu. I got to buy the special with a combo of my choice so I got the basic one. It had hash browns, scrambled eggs, and 2 sausage links. It came out to be $6.99 for which I paid for when my friends and I had finished eating. The other two pictures I had taken were of the other special drink they were offering; French Toast Hot Chocolate. I even snapped a picture of the variety of different flavors of pancakes they had on the menu.

I donated a little bit of my money and my friends and I left full and satisfied with the breakfast food. I’d like to donate again next year and come back with more friends to celebrate National Pancake Day with them.

Collage 2017-03-12 01_52_18.jpg