Happy Easter 2017!

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Easter Candies

Easter is coming up in a few weeks. I went to Target today. I made this collage of the candies that I saw. M&M’s had this new flavor I hadn’t seen before; vanilla cupcake. Sour Patch had sour patch in the form of bunnies. Whoppers had these cartons of mini whoppers eggs. They even had cotton candy in a plastic jars. I liked seeing the gift baskets and the Dove chocolate brand that had flowers and the flavor was caramel & milk chocolate. The aisles were adorned with plenty of Easter décor and the prices were not bad for the candy or the décor. Have you prepared your plastic eggs, gift baskets, or bought bags of candies yet?

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How my Valentine’s Day went

Happy Valentine’s Day!

My Valentine’s Day started with Astronomy class. It’s a pretty cool class. My teacher let us have the option of leaving early because it’s Valentine’s Day or getting our money worth and staying for the full amount of class. The class unanimously decided to leave. I went to go pick up my red rose from a student club. I had bought it last week during a presale. It was a beautiful red rose wrapped in plastic and a red ribbon. This student club I bought the rose from I took pictures of what they’re selling. They were selling a red single rose in a vase for $10. I think they were accompanied with chocolates. I bought a cup of strawberries from them for $2. My friend was waiting for her friend who was giving her a Valentine gram. I ended up receiving one too. I was happy about that.

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My friend and I went to Carl’s Jr. I tried the new Breakfast Burger. The picture of it showed that it had bacon, cheese, egg, hash browns, and hamburger. I was a little disappointed it didn’t look like the picture. It kind of looked deflated but it did have everything on it like the picture was displayed. It tasted awesome! After eating, I gave my friends some chocolate candies, and sweethearts. Half hour later, I went home. On my way home, I took some pictures of flowers. One of my neighbors has a cherry blossom tree. In front of my house, there are roses that I took pictures of.

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For dinner, my family decided not to cook and order carry-out Dominos. There was some special offer where a large 2 topping pizza was only $5.99 each. We ordered two. It was delicious. For dessert, my mom had baked some cookies. I had a snickerdoodle cookie.

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That’s a picture of my new textbook, sweethearts, and the Valentine gram. Then, I did some math homework. And that’s how my Valentine’s Day went. I think my Valentine’s Day went well, a little eventful and plenty of fun.




Valentine candies & dessert

Have you been to a market where they have been putting up a lot of their bakery display in front and their candies in the aisles?

I’ve noticed. I like taking pictures of the dessert and the candy. It’s very cool to see what the market gets to place on display.


Here is the collage I made. I especially love 💘 the heart shaped sugar cookies decorated with red sprinkles.


Valentine’s day Gift Ideas

In about 2 weeks or so, Valentine’s Day is coming. I love the holiday where I can give candies to my friends and lovely cards to my family. If you don’t have a clue what you want to give your loved ones, stop by a Barnes and Noble. I went to a Barnes and Noble in Montclair recently, where they had an awesome display full of gifts one can give out to friends and family and their crush. They had little boxes with sayings “Love you to the moon and back” and this really cool notepad that had letters you could write to your love. They had purses in the shape of hearts, cute pens in the lovely shades of pink, mugs with the symbols XO on it, and even journals too decorated with small hearts adorned on it. Check it out! These are some amazing gift ideas for Valentine’s Day!


Christmas items at Daiso Japan

It’s almost Christmas. All of the stores have had Christmas items since after or before Thanksgiving. I enjoy my time going to Daiso Japan when there are these holiday items. Recently, they had plenty of ornaments, dancing Santa’s, small stockings, and small trees. I bought a small Christmas tree that had green and white color, kind of the way a tree looks adorned with snow. I will be spending time with both sides of my family this year. You should have gotten the chance to check out Daiso around the holidays like Christmas, New Year’s, Valentine’s Day and much more. Everything in the store is $1.50 or labelled otherwise. Everything in the store was so cute but I didn’t have the chance or money to buy everything in site. Hahaha.

Merry Christmas Eve!