Market browsing for new items

I haven’t spent that much time in markets since I have been busy with home and school. Here is a collage of items that interested me.

I saw that Pop Tarts have three new flavors in stores; Jolly Rancher Green Apple, Watermelon, and Cherry. In the area where I could find pizza dough and cinnamon rolls, I found Pillsbury Grands! S’mores Rolls. It looks delicious! Passing by the chip aisles, I noticed Lay’s had a BLT flavor. I have known that they host making a new flavor contest in the recent years but I had not known they made a chip flavor from a sandwich. Next, I went to the deli area. I found some Rana brand basil pesto and prosciutto. There was different flavors of ravioli there too but didn’t have the money to buy it. Cocoa Puffs cereal had a new flavor; neopolitan ice cream scoops. Lastly, the big surprise was seeing on full display was Oreo. The latest limited edition flavor is a jelly donut. Would you try this? Or any of the other products I have seen?

Collage 2017-07-01 23_23_07.jpg

A visit inside Milk Jar Cookies

From the previous post, I had gone inside a super cute café which has a tea party inspired décor. Their main sell is cookies. They also have ice cream as a menu item. They serve coffee and hot tea, hot cocoa, quart bottles of milk and lemonade. Below are two collages I made. The first post is of the many flavors of cookies they had in store. Plus, they make them fresh there, their back part of the store was like a mini bakery. The fun thing I liked was that we were sitting next to the merchandise. They had hats and shirts there, with their logo on it.

Collage 2017-06-12 21_20_56.jpg

Each display case with cookies had a little tag telling customers what they were looking at. On the first row on top was cinnamon sugar, mint chocolate and oatmeal chocolate chip. The lower row has rocky road, gluten free chocolate chip, and gluten free lemon sugar. The right hand side has oatmeal raisin, banana spilt, and lemon blueberry.

Collage 2017-06-12 21_07_50

In the top left corner of this collage, it was my order with my friend. Our order was a banana spilt and mint chocolate. The banana spilt ingredient’s are complete with banana dough, butterscotch, chocolate, walnuts, and topped with fresh strawberries. The mint chocolate ingredient’s are Andes mints wrapped in chocolate dough. The iced mocha was a bit watered down with the included ice but my friend like the drink more than I did.

The feature image was taken by me using my phone. The image is a picture of a picture. I took a picture with my phone of my camera on the table of our dessert. They had old tables and chair inside, like a dessert bar going back to the past. It was one of the prettiest café I have been to. Have you been here before? It’s in Los Angeles. It’s address is 5466 Wilshire Blvd., Los Angeles 90036. Their website is: Milk Jar Cookies website


Universal Studios Hollywood Citywalk

Have you ever been to Universal Studios Citywalk in Hollywood?

It’s breathtaking to say the least.

This is a collage of some of the stores and the eateries of me going around and about of Universal Citywalk.

There was Popcornopolis, Ludo Bird, Sparky’s, Dodgers, Crepe Café, Socks, and Jamba Juice. There was It ‘Sugar past most of these stores in the collage and the food court (not pictured) was really good; it had Smash Burger, Panda Express, KFC, Pizza Hut, Pink’s Hot Dogs, and more!

Collage 2017-04-12 17_19_15

Olive Garden food, again!

A few weeks ago, I had the best time at Olive Garden location in Montebello, CA. My mom and I were able to get the deal(s) where you buy a lunch item and you get unlimited breadsticks and soup. I ordered the breadstick sandwich that had spicy chicken as the meat, and French fries. I ate two bowls of chicken gnocchi soup. I did in fact eat more than five breadsticks in one sitting.

The sandwich and fries was pretty awesome. I know it was a big thing when Olive Garden announced its debut. My mom ordered the buy 1, get one free pasta deal. She ordered salad, and got the three cheese ziti pasta.

My mom’s birthday was in March so we subtly told the staff and they brought over a small dessert with cheesecake topping and strawberry filling on the bottom. Her ziti dish was good as well. The dessert I didn’t care for since it was for her.

All in all, another great experience at Olive Garden. We took our leftovers home.

Also a side note, they are building a Lucille’s BBQ next door to the Olive Garden, not too sure when it’ll be done.

Collage 2017-04-12 17_12_19

Tea Master -Matcha Café & Green Tea Shop

Tea Master -Matcha Café & Green Tea shop in Little Tokyo is an awesome place I just found out about through the good reviews my friends informed me of. It’s located in the small strip mall inside of Honda Plaza.

Inside Tea Master, the place is filled with tea related products like tea cups, tea pots, different types of packaged tea, tea bowls and whisk sets, chopsticks, and the thin wooden stick used to put the tea inside the pot. On the menu, they sell green tea and cold green tea for $2.50. Also, they sell matcha green tea (hot/cold) $4 and a matcha latte for $4.50. They even have a smoothie of the day; flavors varying from amazake, mochi mugi, and matcha.


My friends asked and bought the matcha ice cream for $3.75. The ice cream has matcha poured on top of it. Below is the collage I made; the shots are all different. The 1st shot was taken with my camera. The 2nd shot was taken with my phone. I had my friend remove her jacket from the background to get a clear shot and focus more on the ice cream. The last shot was taken by my friend. We thought of an awesome idea to take a picture of the Tea Master’s card with the ice cream to promote it to our friends and others who may not know of this place.

The address to Tea Master is 450 E 2nd Street, Los Angeles, CA 90012.



Hello Kitty Café truck

I am really late about posting this. The event happened about 2 weeks ago. 2/11/17

Has anyone heard of the Hello Kitty Pop up Café in Irvine?

From last month to this month, Hello Kitty Café has been doing (what I think) as a promotional tour. Since going to Irvine is too far and the fact that I don’t drive yet and still currently take the bus to go wherever I need to go, this was the next best thing.

I had missed my chance to buy something from the truck a month ago when the event was held outside of the Westfield Santa Anita mall in Arcadia. This time, it was held outside of the Glendale Galleria sign across the way from Americana Way mall.

Thankfully, when I arrived the truck was not crowded at all! I assumed since plenty of people love Hello Kitty, it would be packed with people. However, it was not and I was able to purchase the Hello Kitty 3pc cookie set $12, the Hello Kitty 3pc donut set $10, and Hello Kitty Bow water $3, totaling out to be $25. I received a free small Hello Kitty pink bag. I was so happy and so glad I made it out to Glendale to this event. Several families were there and buying some of the merchandise they had on hand like T-shirts and mugs. The van was really pretty and I took several pictures. Plus, the treats tasted really delicious. The donuts had little frosting bows. The cookies were everything I had imagined they’d look like. The water bottle was pretty cute.

All in all, it was the perfect experience and totally awesome to get the chance to taste some of the confections of Hello Kitty Café. The café location in Irvine has more food selection, more variety than the trucks have and I have heard they sell coffee and lemonade via their Yelp page and according to other people’s reviews. I do hope I get that chance to go to Irvine soon.


New Trader’s Joe store

There’s this new Trader’s Joe store in (East) Pasadena. The address is 3035 E. Huntington Dr.  Pasadena, CA 91107. This store is near a Starbucks, a boba place, and a fast food restaurant. I took some pictures inside the place and some of the items that seemed very intriguing. Next to the Trader’s Joe is supposed to be a CVS pharmacy coming soon, I think.


The Trader’s Joe was generally packed. People were coming and going. I took my time scouring the aisles. I had come to the store with my mom. She did some shopping while I took in the new store.

The best items that I know of are in the freezer aisle. There are shelves of candy, and cookies that are above the freezer aisle. Besides that, I get to see some really awesome food products in the freezer aisle; they have raspberry tarts, pumpkin tarts, chocolate pecan pie, several varieties of pizza, mochi ice cream, pastry pops, turnovers, vegetables, and mac & cheese bites.

Above in the collage I made and consisting of the pictures I took with my phone; some of the items are of the bakery treats on a table towards the back of the store, I found ghost pepper potato and sriracha chips (lattice cut) in the chip aisle, a photo of the various types of cereals, cookies, and a photo of a bottle of syrup and Morello cherries.

I was so tempted to buy the ghost pepper potato chips but I ended up buying a container of chocolate chip mini cookies. I don’t go out shopping to Trader’s Joe so this was an opportunity for me.

Check out this location, it’s pretty awesome!