Done with midterms.

I haven’t been posting much on my blog since I’ve been so busy with school. I’m taking Astronomy and Algebra 2 this semester. Astronomy is pretty confusing and the midterm questions sort of threw me off since some of them were from the quizzes I’ve taken. Algebra 2 keeps me busy with plenty of homework. I’m also involved with three clubs and there is this big announcement I will be saying in about maybe, 2 months. It involves my education, and some cultural experience. This week was all about midterms and I cannot wait to utilize my time to take pictures and make collages to post on my blog. I do have to make a few collages about food, places I frequent, dessert, makeup, and much more. My spring starts tomorrow, so I hope to be refocusing more on my blog more than ever.


Busy with school.

I’ve been pretty busy with school and that’s a reason why I haven’t had the chance to post new blogs. I will do my best to do more this month, considering this month is celebrating Halloween! I’ve had to deal with tests, midterms, and plenty of homework and PowerPoint presentations. I’m sorry I haven’t had the chance to really post anything new. I also haven’t been out in awhile either. I hope to get the chance to get out more after school simmers down. Although my education is very important so that’s my first priority now.

Dreading the return to school, sort of.

For some reason like last year, I am dreading my return to school. Although this fall, I will be applying to several schools for the first time. I will most likely apply to Cal State* colleges, and some UCs and private colleges. The one thing I am dreading is not getting into the schools I want to potentially attend. The thought of getting rejected hurts me. Another thing, some weeks ago, I took Biology 003 for 5 weeks and I passed the class on the first try with a decent grade. It was informative, long lectures, fun till the end and very interesting indeed. I enjoyed being in class taking notes, trying to come up with the right answer to tell the teacher but usually I watched and observed as others passed me by and excelled more. Sometimes, I try my best but there are usually other individuals who do better in certain subjects better than I ever could.

I feel that the return of school would refocus my priorities and give me the boost I need. At school, I actually communicate with friends and I socialize. The other thing I probably dread is the knowing there will be tests, quizzes, and more school stuff that I haven’t missed since well summer school. I think the awful feeling that I am thinking about should go away once school restarts in 2 weeks. Although it has been a phenomenal summer, I am not ready for school to come back. Summer can’t be ending so fast. That’s something that most other students must be feeling right? Or am I feeling stressed? I don’t know. All I know is, school’s imminent return has made me not want to return, it’s too soon! Oh well, my thoughts for school and my feeling about my education are different every day.

Spring finals are over. :)

Okay, so my finals are finally over. Finally. I took on a full load consisting of four classes; Math, English, Zumba, and Humanities. I’ve been pretty busy juggling homework, quizzes, tests and workouts. I actually danced 12 times to 12 songs for my Zumba final. I was exhausted right after class ended. I so wish it was being taught the next full semester. My other finals were a breeze. Math still is so difficult. 🙂

In 6 days, I return back to school for summer. I’m taking Biology for 5 weeks. I’ll be stuck in a class room for two hours (lecture) and (lab). Plus, I’ll be there at school four days a week. Ughh. But I need this class. I really needed a break from school but I admit going to a community college before going to an university was a good move at least for me. Most of my friends are graduating this year and I’m jealous. They are moving forward with their lives and I’m still at the community college level.

My last year in high school, I remember I didn’t even know what I was going to do after high school ended. I ended up writing a story full of violence, hatred, and hints of humor. It was the first story that I have completed. My second story that I started last year, I took a 3 month hiatus and this past weekend, I finally had new material. It’s been so long since I entered in something new, something that flowed with the storyline. With my life, I feel that I may get to finish the 2nd story because so much of my life now has gotten in the way. I have had a lot of writer’s block here and now.

But as life goes on, I can promise myself that I want to finish the 2nd story and get it published. I want to create new stories. I want to become a successful writer. I want my family to realize my major, Creative Writing, is worth the wait and that I will make it, even if everything is going digital.

Anyways, finals are over and summer school is only a week away. Rant over.

Midterms week

It’s that time again, midterms week! I had a midterm today for English 1o2 and man, I really feel that I did horrible! The first reason was because I was studying crazy for my math test which is my first class of the day and I was trying to remember each formula correctly. The second reason was that I was tired, like yawning and falling asleep sitting on the ground kind of sleepy. There’s this one building on campus that has a couch that’s really comfy to sit on and to sleep on. There was a guy sleeping in my usual spot and he didn’t budge at all. I am so tired!!! I wish I was able to get some Zzzz’s. Tomorrow, there’s going to be another midterm on humanities. Thank god for my Zumba class there won’t be a midterm, at least I don’t think. I am under several levels of stress. There’s so much to study and to remember. Wish me luck! I’m just venting about school. It’s 3 tough classes and sometimes, I feel like I can’t handle all of the stress and homework.

New addition to campus

A new building opened up on campus and I have a class in it for the winter semester and I gotta say the building is impressive. It’s spacey and wide. The building is called the E3, it’s called the Student Success and Retention Center.

Collage 2016-01-04 22_25_59

The desks were nice too, although it is easier to move into groups since the desks/chairs have wheels. I found sitting in the desks to put me off a little due to years having to sit in non-moving desks. The building is 5 stories high and it’ll house all the Language Arts—English, English as a Second Language, Modern Languages (formerly Foreign Languages), and Communication Studies—as well as the Learning Resource Center, Chicana/o Studies, and the Honors Program.

Cannot wait till the next semester and maybe the campus bookstore and cafeteria is open. Oh and my winter class is Children’s Literature.
The books I’m going to read this semester are:
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone,
The Hobbit,
Where the wild things are,
The giving tree,
Where the sidewalk ends,
and The Complete Persepolis.

I will continue to update in a few weeks to tell you what’s going on in the class and if it’s going well.

I got my classes for Spring 2016!

I got a humanities 060, English 102, math 125, and Zumba fitness class. I managed to get all of the classes I wanted. I’m so happy. Stress be gone. Now I can relax once I pay for my classes and enjoy that I might almost be done with ELAC. I need two science classes and two English classes left after spring 2016 semester. Also, my college added recently new kinesiology classes including the Zumba Fitness class! I’ve always wanted to try it but now I can try it on school campus. Now I will be juggling four classes and a complete total of 12 units. Wish me luck when February starts!