Pusheen makes s’mores

I made a collage yesterday when I was having an urge to eat some s'mores. Baker Pusheen helped out by posing for a few pictures during prep. In the collage, there were two different methods used to melt the marshmallows. First, I used a microwave for less than 30 seconds and the result was that … Continue reading Pusheen makes s’mores


Pusheen bakes brownies & cookies

Here is a collage I made of Baker Pusheen in the process of making chocolate brownies. Here is another collage I made of Baker Pusheen and York making sugar cookies.

Had enough of pumpkin spice yet?

I think for me, I'm getting tired of seeing different products in a market. There's cereal, coffee, crackers, cake mix,¬† candy, popcorn, marshmallows, Peeps, donuts¬†and cookies with that pumpkin spice flavor. I haven't tried any mostly because I know my tastes. The only treat I have tried was Krispy Kreme's pumpkin spice donut well because … Continue reading Had enough of pumpkin spice yet?