Been busy lately

Hi, long time no see! I’ve been busy recovering from jet lag and cleaning stuff up in my room. As some of you know, I was gone during July 25th to August 2nd. The trip was incredibly amazing and breathtaking. I will put together some collages soon after I finish some summer school homework. ❤ I will also post some new stuff to the blog next week I hope. ☺


Rest, relax, and some other words…

I haven’t been posting as much on my blog as I had in the past few months.

After spring break, I had clicked on my account, then logged out shortly.

I’ve been to places, had my own adventures and currently on the mend from a sprained knee, and cold.

I will try to add in those collages in small intervals of posts as I can.

Starting this weekend, there should be at least 1-2 blog posts up.

I have rested and slept.

I have thought about current television shows (regular programming), and schoolwork. I have never stopped wondering what to create and wandering to new places in Cali about my blog. I just needed a break.

Stay tuned for more from my blog.




1 year of blogging

It was exactly one year ago when I made my first post. This blog has become a major part of my life and I am really grateful to have the blog and followers. Thank you so much for taking the time to read my blog (tribeccarandomthoughts) and for liking the posts that I have put up. This has been truly great gift.

Collage 2016-08-23 00_31_48

Here’s to more years of blogging. 🙂

new windows 10 photo app

I downloaded a new Windows 10 app called Photofunia. I used a famous celebrity’s photo and it came out great! this photo set the scene “Roses and Marshmallows” perfectly. G Hannelius is the name of the celeb. She’s the founder of customized nail-wrap app titled ‘Make Me Nails’. what do you think of the photo?

PhotoFunia Roses and Marshmallows Large 2016-03-26 07 52 30

DIY category -BAM!-

Okay so basically most of my inspiration definitely comes from scrolling through Buzzfeed Life home page and it really helps since I don’t bother to have a Pinterest / Instagram / Tumblr / & Snapchat at all. Seriously I do not. Overall, this blog does mean I can make my own social media blog not vlog (not yet tho) on WordPress! (a.k.a. shoutout to high school friend for supporting a decision I made this past summer!)

Going back to my original title, I am creating a DIY category called “DIY tricks&treats.” Everybody I’ve seen thus far like Withallmyaffection or Introvertess to say the least, they have the most amazing blogs! I felt I needed to do more but then I saw the results. I can make my own personality show without thinking I need to compete. Collages help plus clipart.

PicsArt – Photo Studio, PicCollage, Font Candy and so much from the Window Store on Window compatible computers or new ones like this article kinda promoting and launching color interests like me. I’ll leave this link here. Windows comparison

I will be starting a DIY 5 part posting ( 5 separate but all come from the original homepage [included above] ) . This post is something I’ve been meaning to do. I’ve never really had interest in other blogs till I realized Buzzfeed Life had everything from food to style to family to health to buzz/gossipy rumors going viral and well, life.

I will start the postings this coming weekend. Later!

new header image

I found inspiration from Buzzfeed Life /Food; again as usual.

Collage 2015-12-12 01_53_39

I had to crop out the space there was needed but these stickers from the PicCollage app from the {new updates from the windows store} some stickers are free when you can click on them and it downloads to your pc or electronic device. There are others where you do have to pay but some of the free ones do the job for me.

I used a brown background, copy and paste from Buzzfeed Life/Food post for the ‘chocoholic party’ in the middle, and several stickers that I know are related to chocolate and at least my world of fun. Some of the Halloween-based stickers are due to me embracing the holiday and etc. I do realize some of the word text fonts* are hard to read.

Fonts include:

There’s always a little bit of…
Bat <– due to the sticker in the middle,

[Each word is not necessarily in the order [above] and yes I can see how the crazy bat woman adventure fun can be put into one sentence and yep, I sort of like the way that sounds for now. ]

Plus I’m showing my fellow bloggers, followers, readers and so much more… how my creativity is just beginning to show. The whole point of the header image was initially ‘chocoholic party’ but I strayed and let a part of my personality show plus “the author” in me shine. 😛

Of course: I give due credit to Buzzfeed Life online and PicCollage app you can find in the Windows store (downloaded for FREE) and enjoy some perks off of searching thru these two contributors I find great DIY and images that I like, love, hate, like, & adore. Go off and continue to find your inspirations, dreams, and goals!