Pixi Beauty cosmetics

Also a few weeks ago, I went to the Glendale Galleria with a friend during spring break. She and I went straight to the Target. I wanted to show her the product and the brand that of which I had bought my own Pixi Pretties Lip Palette from. I own a palette now, I’m very happy to buy a product that was made and created by Pixi and ItsJudyTime (from YouTube).

Down below are some of the other beauty gurus and influencers products, and some of the other items present at this Target location.

If you want to check out more please look for my other post: Big news about my fav YouTuber !

Thank you! Enjoy!

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Olive Garden food, again!

A few weeks ago, I had the best time at Olive Garden location in Montebello, CA. My mom and I were able to get the deal(s) where you buy a lunch item and you get unlimited breadsticks and soup. I ordered the breadstick sandwich that had spicy chicken as the meat, and French fries. I ate two bowls of chicken gnocchi soup. I did in fact eat more than five breadsticks in one sitting.

The sandwich and fries was pretty awesome. I know it was a big thing when Olive Garden announced its debut. My mom ordered the buy 1, get one free pasta deal. She ordered salad, and got the three cheese ziti pasta.

My mom’s birthday was in March so we subtly told the staff and they brought over a small dessert with cheesecake topping and strawberry filling on the bottom. Her ziti dish was good as well. The dessert I didn’t care for since it was for her.

All in all, another great experience at Olive Garden. We took our leftovers home.

Also a side note, they are building a Lucille’s BBQ next door to the Olive Garden, not too sure when it’ll be done.

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Great news! I am going to Ireland this summer!

It’s finally okay for me to talk about this. I am going to Ireland this late July for a study abroad course. I’m very happy to be able to go. There have been various reasons for me not posting because school’s been keeping me busy. I’m been involved in 3 student clubs and I’m preparing for events there at school. The trip has been paid for already, I am so nervous! I have not traveled to Ireland before or to Europe.

I’m sure I will have plenty of fun with my classmates and friends. I can’t wait to explore the cuisine, the culture there, the adventures that await me. There are a couple of old collages that I had made over spring break. I do hope everyone might like them. Mostly they are beauty and some are foodie adventures but it was all local places I ventured.

I hope from Ireland I can come back with plenty of photographs. I do want to publish a photobook someday.

Rest, relax, and some other words…

I haven’t been posting as much on my blog as I had in the past few months.

After spring break, I had clicked on my account, then logged out shortly.

I’ve been to places, had my own adventures and currently on the mend from a sprained knee, and cold.

I will try to add in those collages in small intervals of posts as I can.

Starting this weekend, there should be at least 1-2 blog posts up.

I have rested and slept.

I have thought about current television shows (regular programming), and schoolwork. I have never stopped wondering what to create and wandering to new places in Cali about my blog. I just needed a break.

Stay tuned for more from my blog.




Wal-Green’s cosmetics

There is this Wal-Green’s store not far from my house. I tend to go into this store when I need to buy snacks or maybe a soda. They also have a bigger beauty aisle than most.

Here, they had some of the Yes to Face facial wipes. I’ve heard good things about this brand. Unfortunately, most of their products are expensive. I haven’t had the chance to buy one yet, including the detoxifying charcoal wipes yet. In Wal-Green’s, they even had the hydrate & restore, and the age refresh towelettes. Rimmel London had this hashtag Insta Flawless protecting skin tint. Vaseline had this lip therapy with different flavors like; rose and crème Brulee. There was this product called Mega Cushion which has a soft matte lip cream only found at Wal-Greens. Milani had these cool retouch + erase light-lifting concealer and an amore matte metallic lip crème.

They have much more products like Wet n Wild, Almay, Revlon and much more. I didn’t have the chance to take more pictures as I would have but I do enjoy coming to this store because they have so much variety. The prices vary by product. Although I do hope to buy some of the travel on the go products soon for my next big adventure when that arrives.

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Easter Candies

Easter is coming up in a few weeks. I went to Target today. I made this collage of the candies that I saw. M&M’s had this new flavor I hadn’t seen before; vanilla cupcake. Sour Patch had sour patch in the form of bunnies. Whoppers had these cartons of mini whoppers eggs. They even had cotton candy in a plastic jars. I liked seeing the gift baskets and the Dove chocolate brand that had flowers and the flavor was caramel & milk chocolate. The aisles were adorned with plenty of Easter décor and the prices were not bad for the candy or the décor. Have you prepared your plastic eggs, gift baskets, or bought bags of candies yet?

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